The Champlain Society (set)
The Champlain Society (set)
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The Champlain Society (set)

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Complete run from 1907-2000.

Original crested limited editions for the main series including the Hudson s Bay Record Society series (12 Vols.), the Ontario series (16 Vols.), and the set of Champlain's works (7 Vols.). 8vo  

Primary records of voyages, travels, correspondence, diaries and governmental documents and memoranda.

Editions feature the works of Samuel de Champlain, Nicolas Denys, Samuel Hearne and David Thompson among others.

Very Good. Red buckrum. Some spines faded. A number of volumes with pages uncut. First 12 volumes signed in pencil by Robert Sutherland(1859 -1922) former member of Parliament for Windsor/Essex and Speaker of the House 1905-1909.(Please e-mail for a full list of titles)