Military Order  - King Louis XV  1748
Military Order  - King Louis XV  1748
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Military Order - King Louis XV 1748

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1748. Paris. Military document printed with manuscript details appointing Monsieur De Ferrus to the rank of quartermaster sergeant and Monsieur d'Hannique to commander of The Second Battalion of the German Infantry Regiment of Madame la Dauphine.. 

"In the name of the King.

His Majesty, having found it suitable to have at his disposal the command of the second battalion of the German Regiment of Madame la Dauphine will make the change of Monsieur De Ferrus to the rank of quartermaster sergeant. And being informed of the quality of the services of Monsieur d'Hannique, Captain in the regiment of His Majesty, orders him to take command of the said battalion, receiving thus the same honors and privileges that those provided with such a charge enjoy. His Majesty orders the officers, sergeants and soldiers that make up the said battalion to receive and recognize Monsieur d'Hannique as their commander, and to all of them to obey him without difficulties in everything that he will command them under his charge.

Written in Versailles, the first day of January, 1748."

Signed (with Masonic signature) by King Louis XV, and co-signed by Minister of War Comte d'Argenson. 

Wrapped with black matting. Oblong vellum sheet. Folded with mild soiling.