Military Document  King Louis XV  1734
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Military Document King Louis XV 1734

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  1. Versailles. Document printed with manuscript details addressed to the Count de la Marck and bearing the signatures of both King Louis XV and his Secretary of State for War, Nicolas Prosper Bauyn.

“Monsieur Le Comte de la Marck, having fiven Hannicq the rank of Second Lieutenant in the company of Sebouville of the German Infantry Regiment you command, a post vacant and unoccupied, I write this letter to tell you that you must receive him and to have  him recognized in this rank by all, and any to whom it will be necessary. And this letter having no other purpose, I pray God that He will have you, Monsieur le Comte de la Marck, in His Holy custody.

Written in Versailles  on April 10, 1734.

Louis XV

Nicolas Prosper Bauyn”


The Regiment de la Marck took an active part in the War of Polish Sucession including the Siege of Kehl (1733) and the Siege of Philippsburg (1734)

Single sheet vellum. Folded with mild soiling.